In this episode of VladTV's "True Hip-Hop Stories," Fantasy Factory star Drama Beats shares a story about the time he witnessed skateboarder Terry Washington and rapper Lupe Fiasco engage in a screaming match outside of Pharrell's L.A. studio.

Drama had just moved back to L.A. and went to go skating with Terry. This was around the time that Lupe released "Kick Push," a song about finding love through skateboarding. Terry knew that Lupe didn't skate, making "Kick Push" inauthentic, and it pissed him off. When Drama hopped in the car, Terry told him his feelings about the new Lupe song, and then said that he had to stop by the studio and speak with Pharrell. 

As they pulled up to the studio, Lupe Fiasco was outside. According to Drama, Terry hopped out of the car and got in a screaming match with Lupe. Pharrell even got in the middle and tried to calm the situation down, but neither Lupe nor Terry would listen. Watch the full episode above for more.