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Usher is an absolute-fucking-bad-ass. Not only did he create one of the best modern R&B albums in Confessions, bring Justin Bieber to the States, and date some of the baddest women in the world, Usher just destroyed the American Ninja Warrior parking lot competition. We're pretty sure that makes him the first American Ninja Warrior with eight Grammys.

Yesterday, Ellen DeGeneres challenged the 35-year-old singer to the American Ninja Warrior's parking lot competition on her show: an obstacle course similar to the one in the hit show "American Ninja Warrior"... but in a parking lot. Usher seemed a little apprehensive about the course, but stayed positive. "I think I'm going to do great," he said. "I hope I can land somewhere in between great and OK." Usher surpassed great and landed next to legendary.

Usher completed this obstacle course with such ease, that whoever created the parking lot challenge needs to completely redesign it for maximum difficulty. 

On the trampolines Usher was 10/10.

On the swing Usher was 10/10.

On the "dancing stones" Usher was 10/10.

It was so easy for Usher, that at the end of the course he just made up a new obstacle.

Note to the architects of the American Ninja Warrior parking lot challenge: next time, do better.