Possibly moreso than any other global festival brand, Belgium's Tomorrowland–with it's ornate staging and jam-packed lineups–has rabid worldwide support for events in unique global locales showcasing the wild universal popularity of dance music at the present time. The proof of this? Though just announced in July, when tickets went on sale for 2015's inaugural Tomorrowland Festival in Brazil, 180,000 tickets were sold in hours, and the festival scheduled for May 1-3, 2015 was declared sold out. Of course, when David Guetta made the announcement in Boon, Belgium at Tomorrowland's marquee event, 15,000 Brazilians were watching the live stream from Belgium in Villa-Lobos Park in São Paulo, so clearly, there's an existing market. Tomorrowland's American TomorrowWorld offshoot has its second US event forthcoming in Atlanta from September 26th-28th, festivities featuring 160-plus acts playing over three days on a massive campsite and festival ground in the Chattahoochee Hills suburbs of Georgia's capital city.