From what has been heard to-date from TOKiMONSTA's DESIDERIUM, which will be released via her new Young Art imprint on September 23, it's either one (or all) of these three things: (a) journey through bass-laden rhythm and blues guided by tonalities and feels, (b) a sensual tantric massage of the zeitgeist, or (c) a sexy sonic lap dance in the lo-fi champagne rooms of our collective souls. No matter how you feel about what's been released so far for public consumption, it's all been pretty well-received, to the tune of over 500,000 SoundCloud plays on two tracks over the past 40+ days.

Add the driving, direct and positive stylings of female vocalist Arama on the third single "Drive" to the list of what will likely be DESIDERUM's seven soulful venoms. Buoyed by a thick staccato bassline and melodic minor-key synth lead, it's a song that balances depth with pace and doesn't feel so much like EDM, but rather the stuff that progressive top-40 "pop and B" albums in a prior era all once contained.