This bootleg might be the best way to describe Codes' "Brooklyn bounce" sound. Miss me with your talk about "g-house." I'll go on record and say it: "gangsta house" isn't doing anything new. It's almost like some people realized that producers were throwing hip-hop samples and appeal in their house tunes and decided to capitalize. No diss, but c'mon. In any case, with the 20-year anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G.'s debut album Ready To Die going on this Saturday (September 13), anything Biggie-related is necessary right now (even if its from Life After Death, Biggie's second album). It's not like Codes took entire verses—that would've sounded odd at this faster pace, but the Big chops over that bounce? Perfect weekend banger. And free, too. If you didn't know Codes' Brooklyn Bounce LP is due out via Slow Roast on September 30.