I really try to avoid hopping on trends. Do I know about them? Well, that’s part of my job as a blogger and someone who fashions themselves as a pop culture addict. One trend I’ve avoided almost completely though is that of “melodic house," “chill house,” or the ill-titled “tropical house.” It’s not that there aren’t quality tracks of that ilk, it’s just rare it does anything for me. Free n Losh’s “Get Lost” really opened me up though with its original form. Norway’s Bearson turns in a remix that also has me feeling a certain type of way.

Fans of Kygo will either love this or claim it’s a rip-off, but I personally just really like it. The melody is super simple with a hummability not easily found in a lot of house tunes these days. This is the kind of pop-driven chilled out tune I’d like to see more of and that this emerging niche would trend towards. I just wish there was a better name for it all.