This track is crazy good and is a harbinger of multiple pieces of good news. Firstly, it's the fact that it exists. It's a weird, yet amazing piece of left field video game pop by an Australian trifecta of talent. If you know what's good, then you already are familiar with Swick and Lewis Cancut. If you're really taking good notes you'd know that vocalist Tkay Maidza already appeared on a stellar track with the same producers out on Enchufada earlier this year and has a track with Bok Bok as well. She's on her way somewhere.

The other piece of good news? This track is set to appear on the first compilation from Ryan Hemsworth's Secret Songs. It's to be called shh#ffb6c1 which, if you know hex colour codes, is a reference to light pink. Apparently all the tracks on this compilation are going to be somehow thematically linked to the color.