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This was a partnership that we should've seen coming. On his weekly GGN YouTube show, Snoop Dogg had a special guest this week who's definitely making the most out of her 15 minutes in the blogosphere: Charlo Greene. Greene, the former KTVA reporter who made headlines for ending a segment on marijuana in Alaska with, "Fuck it, I quit," shared her upcoming plans. She may not have a "regular job" anymore, but as an Alaskan cannabis club owner and staunch Proposition 2 (a bill that will legalize recreational marijuana for everyone 21 and older in Alaska) advocate, she's got plenty of campaigning to do. 

Greene stressed the importance of getting people registered to vote on Prop 2, adding that many young Alaskans who would totally vote for Prop 2 weren't registered and weren't even aware of the bill until she pulled her stunt

Snoop, in a predictably charitable mood and with blunt-in-hand, responded to Greene's call to action with his own proclamation: "If we get y'all to vote yes on Proposition 2, Snoop Dogg is coming to Alaska for a concert, a wellness retreat, and I'm bringing some of that California with me."

Well there you have it. Snoop Dogg in Alaska! He added that he was "serious as fuck" when Greene freaked out with glee. Be sure to watch the full interview above if you want to learn more about Greene's work in Alaska and Snoop's opinions on marijuana in the United States.