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ScHoolboy Q is a great rapper to follow on Twitter. He trolls Mac Miller and other rappers with impunity, engages with his fans at every hour of the day, and just in general says some pretty cool shit. He's far and away the most active out of the whole TDE crew, as well as the most entertaining.

But there's one thing he does, and I'm sure the rest of his 965,000 followers have noticed too. Whenever ScHoolboy Q tweets, he capitalizes the "H." As the South Central Los Angeles rapper describes it"wHy my H always capitalized???? HIIIPOWER X HIPPY X HOOVER X HEAVEN & HELL AKA MY LIFE." Fair enough. But trust, he takes this very seriously. Prior to the release of his debut album, Setbacks, ScHoolboy Q can be seen in a video delaying the iTunes upload process of his project because the Hs in the track titles weren't capitalized. 

After having this realization, I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be funny to collect all of ScHoolboy's tweets where he didn't capitalize the H?" I pitched the idea to my editors, who gave me the green light to pursue this assignment, because, like me, they KNEW this was comedic gold. That's why they get paid the big bucks. 

I put off looking into it until last Saturday, where after inhaling a three-piece of Crown Fried, tipping back two (to four) cans of thot juice, and finishing up an episode of The Wire (the one where Randy stands lookout while two boys tag-team a girl in the middle school bathroom), I tasked myself with exposing ScHoolboy Q and his tweets. The first one I found dates back to September 2, when he announced:

tHis friday sept 5th I'm at ecHo stage in DC!

— ScHoolboy Q (@ScHoolBoyQ) September 2, 2014

There it was, my first piece of evidence. After sifting through dozens of more tweets, I found my second example, this one of ScHoolboy Q not capitalizing the H in the hashtag #OwntHeSummer. The third tweet I found was also hashtag related.

I soon realized there are a few rules to account for in this search. For one, and this seems pretty obvious, links with a lowercase H couldn't be included. Whether you capitalize or lowercase the characters in a link, they'll automatically reset to whatever the original link offered. I also couldn't include direct tweets at users, because when you @-someone their name pops up as it's listed. Finally, manual retweets with replies. This last one is a slippery slope. I could pull all the tweets where he didn't go through the other users' tweet and correct the H character, but there would literally be thousands of them. Plus, it would be fucking ridiculous to expect anyone to spend that much time combing through tweets. Like, you would have to be insane, right?

What I could include is the aforementioned hashtag examples, as well as whenever ScHoolboy Q tweeted and @-ed someone later in the tweet, like so:

All SOLDOUT sHows tHo #oxymorontour been crazy!!! THanks to da lil Homies @vincestaples & @AudioPush grinding wit me

— ScHoolboy Q (@ScHoolBoyQ) April 30, 2014

Pre order my album !!!!!! And get BREAK THE BANK PROD BY @Alchemist

— ScHoolboy Q (@ScHoolBoyQ) January 21, 2014

Clearly it's possible to capitalize a Twitter username so long as it doesn't lead the tweet:

SplasH festival was turnt In Germany wit da Homies @isaiaHrasHad @abdasHsoul & @cHancetHerapper .... I got way 2 faded early tHo

— ScHoolboy Q (@ScHoolBoyQ) July 11, 2014

All told, I only found seven tweets between Wale's birthday (September 21) and last Christmas in which ScHoolboy Q didn't properly capitalize his H. Three hours of my Saturday night/Sunday morning were gone. And while I pulled a J. Cole and let my editors down, I gained an appreciation for ScHoolboy and his near-spotless record. That's when I had the revelation: ScHoolboy Q is the most consistent rapper of all time on Twitter. Nobody is fucking with his 140 character game.