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We're sure you've all caught the memo that Main Course stay killing em in 2014. Their flex on all levels of club bangers is essentially unmatched at this point and we've been feeding so much of all year long here on DAD. Strictly on a fan basis, it's pretty unanimous how much DAD as a crew loves Main Course. Since the feelings seem mutual, we're stoked to bring you a premiere from the next volume in their upcoming SNACKS series due October 14. Rome's RVBRA, who are heavily respected on weirdo banger house tip (with previous releases on Lucky Beard, Ciao, and Main Course) now step into almost carnival driven slow hardstyle here on "Flush." The beauty of the awkward description though is that it actually works extremely well over the course of the entire tune, drifting into club banger territory in a lot of interesting ways. Seems to be something Main Course is very good at repeating again and again and we can't help but eat it up.

And if you want more of their Takira EP, it's still available for download.