Brick Bandits' R3ll is fast becoming the poster boy for Jersey Club. Lauded by everyone from Plastician to Cashmere Cat, he's already set everything on fire with game-changing remixes of Ciara, Kool & The Gang and Disclosure. Jersey Club, like its predecessor Baltimore Club, is a fast-paced style packed with loud, punchy drum triplets and deftly applied vocal samples. It does, however, have two distinct features to set it apart from Bmore: it's faster, and it's more accessible.

Where Bmore attempted to exercise restrain when it comes to pop samples (albeit not that much restraint), Jersey Club goes in hard: here, there are very few pop hooks that aren't acceptable sample-fodder and R3ll's burgeoning back catalogue proves that in spades. To ease you into this notion, Newark's R3ll flips Linden Jay's "Be Like You" on its head, adding plenty of bounce and plenty of kick. If his past remixes are anything to go by, expect to hear this in literally every single mixtape until at least this time next year.