Chris Campbell, Joe Woods (production) and Donna Cursons (vocals), aka DRDR, have been hard at work distilling influences as disparate as deep house, garage and R&B into a futuristic melting pot. A classic house beat forms the backbone of their new track, "Struggling", allowing the very danceable hook to keep the listener's feet moving and their hands in the air. DRDR have already made a name for themselves with some high profile remixes for  the likes of Major Lazer, Usher and The xx, but it was their eerie re-working of Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me A River" that really brought them widespread attention.

Now that they've established themselves as the source of inspired remixes, DRDR seem to be focusing more on original productions, to which this new EP will attest. The title track of the EP will be backed up by a remix from label-mate, Curtis Gabriel, when it is released as an "instant gratification download" on September 15 through Glyph Recordings. "Struggling" will then be released through Glyph Recordings on September 29.