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One of the more anticipated live shows of this year has been Porter Robinson's worlds tour. As you can see from this live performance of "Sad Machine," Porter's translating the atmosphere from the album to the live stage, and inviting everyone to experience the fun and nostalgia that he's injected into the album. As you can see in the above tweets, Porter noticed that two guys were getting too hype—to the point where the people surrounding them were visibly pissed off—and as you see in the video below, made sure to tell the two moshers that they should respect those around them, and to go rage somewhere else.

It's funny; Porter's gone on Facbeook rants and spoken at length about his views on the current EDM scene, which ended up forcing him to do a 180 with his career. Situations like this, where Porter quickly let's it be known that we need to be about respect and having fun, can at times speak louder than some 500 word diatribe on social media can. Kudos to Porter.

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