Pornhub is the third most trafficked site in all of adult film (behind xHamster and XVIDEOS), and as the adult film industry yet again shifts standards, it's assumed the lead as arguably the best-branded of porn's most highly trafficked portals. There's of course the notion that Pornhub is progressive because, as Vice mentioned, the company's social media game is on point. However, being progressive doesn't just stop there. Given that FaltyDL debuted "Some Jazz Shit" through the site in June, Wednesday's announcement that Pornhub plans on starting a label is certainly not surprising. FaltyDL's 15 second clip has been viewed 6400-plus times on Pornhub, but intriguingly features no nudity or strong sexual content.

That being said, the idea that Pornhub Records would ideally at some point merge strong sexual content with pop-friendly music is incredible. If Pornhub as a site is viewed nearly two billion times in a month, and Psy's video for "Gangnam Style" broke one billion views in five months, a number somewhere between the two is frankly fascinating, and with impression-based site advertising driving revenue alongside potential record sales, profits for the label could be high.

That being said, given the fact that Pornhub has already dabbled in electronic music, we felt it was only fair to contemplate why Pornhub Records is a TERRIFIC idea on the cusp of the future of music.