Easily one of the most fun producers I have had hit my radar in recent months is Promnite. Everything he drops seems to be locked and loaded on some kind of party vibe. A majority of what I had heard so far was either more in the mid-tempo range being on the banger steeze with even some hints of dancehall in the cut or some trap flavored headiness. This remix he just dropped of PARTYNEXTDOOR's "Recognize" though is everything that Jersey club should really be sounding like right now. This is a great example of how progression in sounds and sound design could help club music find its place on today's pop music landscape. If you're paying close enough attention, this sound is fully capable of blowing up...especially if producers stop trying to be cute and cuddly all the time and try to make some shit that really knocks in the club. Promnite hits a major home run here with this remix. Basically I'm admitting I can't wait to rinse this in a DJ set like yesterday.