We are pleased to welcome @Nadus to the AM Only fam! Be sure to check out his tunes here https://t.co/GYs7zXCvdQ

— AM Only (@amonly) September 22, 2014

One of the true breakout stories of underground-to-mainstream EDM of 2014 is the rise to prominence of the New Jersey-based contingent of the Brick Bandits Crew of Jersey club producers. When dance music from urban communities breaks on the global stage, it's rare that the creators get to reap all of the rewards of their hard work. Thus, today's news that Nadus joins fellow Newark, New Jersey-based producer DJ Sliink on the roster of top-tier talent booking company AM Only, is an enormously gratifying moment.

Nadus' success story has the heartwarming angle of in many ways being linked to the excellence of his single "Nxwxrk" as well as his entire Broke City EP, a politicized, honest and hyper-localized master stroke of footwork-tinged club that not only cemented his rising talent as a producer of not just club, but quality music overall. Now on a roster boasting some of the most globally-lauded names in electro, trap, dubstep, techno, and house, club music reaching a higher level of respect is worth noting. As well, in an era in the music industry wherein touring holds greater sway over artist profits than the sale of tracks, an artist like Nadus getting similar exposure to the big-ticket events that other AM Only acts are often booked to play definitely speaks to a possible future for urban-based club sounds that is as impressive as it is heartwarming.