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In July, the website My Mom Reviews Rap was created by a user named Trap Lord Wizard. The first post was on 2 Chainz's "Freebase" video with a few lines supposedly written by someone's mom. Here's her review:

"At first I wasn't liking it...and not going to lie it isn't my kind of music. But there seemed to be a story to it about "him coming from nothing" and seeing a crack pipe for the first time in his parents kitchen. So the answer is No, I didn't really like it but I thought it was well done." - Mom

The posts started rolling in, almost on a weekly basis—and an accompanying Twitter was created, too. Trap Lord Wizard didn't set out to make a weekly blog, he just noticed that his mom had some funny thing to say about rap videos.

"I've always loved hip-hop so I post videos on my Facebook that I think are dope and I want my friends to see. Every once in a while I noticed that my mom would comment on the videos and it was kind of funny," he said over e-mail—and on the About page on his site. "One day, instead of waiting for one of her little comments I decided to ask her what she thought about a song (not thinking much about it), and her response was absolutely hilarious. As she listened to the whole song she commented on specific lyrics. I literally gut laughed out loud. Then I thought to myself, this would be a hilarious site."

So, Trap Lord Wizard started showing his mom rap videos and has her rate them according to the beat, lyrics, and overall quality of the video. But he'll never to tell her about the site (hence the alias) to make sure her answers are always authentic. "She has no clue the site exists, and I only post once a week because I don't want her to catch on," he says. We don't either because his mom has some hysterical reviews.

She loves Lil B because he's sincere, but says she could probably rap as well as him. She was worried about Lil Durk in his video for "Ain't Did Shit" because he was texting while driving: "hopefully that's not against the law in the state he lives in," she wrote. She wants Young Thug to "spit out the marbles" because she couldn't understand what he was saying. Believe me, you're not the only one with that complaint.

Yesterday, Detroit rapper Dej Loaf released the music video for "Try Me/We Good." Although it's already racked up thousands of views on YouTube, Trap Lord Wizard's mom didn't enjoy it. "For the most part I found myself fighting motion sickness as it jumped from here to there," she wrote. "Other than her apparent love for bathrobes, Dej Loaf's video was eh. I think I learned a new term, 'catch your body.' If I understand correctly this is the equivalent of the Italian Mafia term of 'put a cap in you.'" Close enough.

The site has also become a bonding experience for Trap Lord Wizard and his mom. "It has almost become a little game between us," he says. "She loves that I think she's funny and my friends also comment on the videos as well. So she gets a kick out of it."

Hopefully she never catches on so we can keep reading these A-1 reviews. I need her opinion of the "Hot Nigga" video before the year is over. Read more of her reviews right here.