I'm glad I wasn't the only bass music lover out there realizing how insane the amount of product MUST DIE! was releasing in 2013 really was. Not to say that MUST DIE!'s the most prolific, but he was truly "on one" with the tunes that got snapped up in 2013, and while I'd love to be on some "I"m so surprised!" shit when hearing that OWSLA is putting out a 10-track LP, Death & Magic, but the producer on September 30, I get it. It makes sense, and if you give the 10-minute sampler a gander, you'll see that he has the bass music scene covered. It's the kind of progressive, forward-thinking sound that OWSLA's always championing. Letting MUST DIE! stick to his roots and properly express himself at the #samedamntime is what I'm all about, and while he surely got dope features from Tkay Maidza and the Ragga Twins, the story of this project is the gnarly sounds emitting from MUST DIE!'s studio. Pre-order Death & Magic before its September 30 release.