The Prodigy left an indelible mark on electronic music in the late '90s. Their hits have been revered, their sound has spawned copycats, and none have matched. Maxim, an original member and the vocalist for The Prodigy, is releasing his Animal Anger EP to showcase his own DJing and production skills this coming October via We Are Noize. Maxim earlier showcased the single “Wolf,” but today we have the premiere for his collaboration with “Phase Me.” The features some party-starting MC work from Cianna Blaze and D Dark over a break-neck speed wonky yet kind of atmospheric rave trap tune.

Speaking on the track Maxim says that "'Phase Me' is the first full vocal track we have done under this project. It is about taking club music to the next level and being ballsy about it. It definitely works well, and allows Cianna to give a taster of what is yet to come - I think this is the perfect introduction to her style.” Cianna adds "'Phase Me' is about being able to jump in the vocal booth to find a release, while blocking everything else out and letting loose - as if there is nothing that can hold me back. It's got a 'feel good' rock your head vibe, that is undeniably empowering."

I can’t say I disagree with those remarks as the track is definitely empowering me to get through my Thursday sludge this week and it will do the same for you. Now the next step is hearing this in the club, because I’m sure it’d rip a dancefloor.