The Winton & Hiestand Law Group knows what the fuck they're doing. The Kentucky based law firm practices personal injury law, and, according to their fantastic commercial, they fight hard for what you deserve. But more importantly, Master P rocks with them, and whoever is down with No Limit Records is definitely down with us.

In this hilariously uncomfortable commercial Master P bigs up Winton & Hiestand like they got Lil Romeo off an assault charge. He shakes hands with the group, walks side by side with them, he even throws in a powerful "Ughhhhhhhh" at the end of the commercial so you know it's real. Overall, Master P gives a persuasive argument for hiring the Winton & Hiestand Law Group.

However, Winton and Hiestand show love to the New Orleans rapper too. The group's Twitter avatar is a picture of them kicking it with Master P, and they take pictures whenever they link up, which is definitely day one homie shit.

Whether or not you hire the Winton & Hieston Law Group is irrelevant. They're out here making moves like Mr. Ice Cream Man, and have the personal injury game sewn up from Kentucky to Illinois. 

Just ask yourself this: did you make em say ughh today? Didn't think so.

We made em say #ughh today.

— Winton & Hiestand (@WintonHiestand) September 19, 2014