Check Out the Artwork For Logic's Upcoming "Under Pressure" Album

The Gaithersburg, Maryland rapper is gearing up for his major label debut album.

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Update: Logic announced on Sept. 15 that his album will drop on Oct. 21.

Maryland rapper Logic is gearing up to drop his major label debut album later this year, and today, we're excited to bring you the project's title, Under Pressure, and artwork. Earlier this year, we profiled the up-and-coming artist where he detailed his troubled past, the debut album, and more. His childhood has played a huge role in the creation of his forthcoming project.

"The album title and artwork came effortlessly but it was a journey getting there," Logic said over email. "I always knew I wanted that feel you see in the detail, the half dark half bright and beautiful look. The entire album is about the two sides of myself. I could have done one of two main things when creating the album. Anyone who knows me knows I love all music, from the raw hip-hop to the fun shit they play at parties, but I decided to make a very "classic" hip hop album, I wanted to RAP, my fan base is huge it stretches across the globe, but no matter how famous you get someone out there still has no clue who you are, so for those that discover me from this album I wanted then to go, "Oh okay I get it!" They will immediately know who I am and understand the message in my music.

Sam Spratt, a NYC-based artist, painted the picture depicted in the artwork and, according to Logic, he re-created Big Lenbo's basement in the artwork. For those who are unfamiliar, Big Lenbo aka Lenny, is the DJ that gave Logic a place to stay, and helped him kick off his career in music.

"I gave him a collection of various old photos from different angles of the old place and he got it right to every last detail, so the day one fans will remember and enjoy," Logic said over email. "As for the album titled Under Pressure is the title track on the album, I produced and wrote it while I was on tour with Kid Cudi, I had named the song "Under Pressure" on the road, but it wasn't until I came home that I realized how important the song was, it was the FIRST song that not only began the album process but showed me the direction I was going. The song under pressure has two parts, the first half is me being under pressure as Logic, while the second half is me being under Pressure as Bobby. So essentially the entire album is about the duality of man. Or in this case one man growing up in terrible conditions and over coming."

Learn more about Logic in our Who Is profile on the artist and get ready for him to take over the end of the year. 

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