Last September, JME started a massive war in the UK grime scene. It was all in good fun, and ended up getting an entire community front and center, taking things back to the roots of the scene and really churning out some quality grime dubs. Exercises like this are always key; it keeps producers on their toes while giving fans a taste of one of the more influential sounds ever. Yesterday, FACT let it be known that a new war was brewing, this time with producers sending for each other to craft some fierce jungle cuts... and I'm fucking ecstatic! So ecstatic that I was privately collecting all of the jungle war dubs I could find... but then saw that someone had beat me to it. It's all good, props where props are due.

It's interesting to see that it was a single tweet from Epoch that set all of this off, and we're now sitting at over 60 jungle dubs. And we're not talking about the more "intelligent" side of things—producers are being sent to bring their most amen break-ingest war dubs to the circle. What's even better is that the likes of Om Unit, Mella Dee, Fanu, LXC, Dawn Day Night, Alex Burkat, Amoss, and plenty others have joined in the fun. Loads of sends have gone out, with people looking for the likes of Skrillex, Dillinja, Machinedrum, and Soundmurderer & SK-1 to enter. I'll just say this right now: if Soundmurderer and SK-1 jump in, it might be game over. Check out the full collection of jungle war dubs down below, and get an idea of what the drum & bass scene was built on.