Three years removed from his last solo album, Joell Ortiz is ready to reclaim his spot on the hip-hop totem pole with his new LP, House Slippers. With the project officially hitting iTunes next Tuesday, Joell debuts the stream for the album today, which includes 12 brand new tracks and appearances from Joe Budden, Crooked Eye, Royce Da 5'9", B.o.B, Maino, and more and can be streamed in full below.

In addition to the stream, Joell has also included a short video clip, which you can also view below, featuring himself and the rest of Slaughterhouse hanging out while the cut from the album, "Brothers Keeper," plays in the background. Joell will be celebrating the release of the album on September 16 with his official album release party and performance at SOBs in NYC, with tickets for the event available here. The album is currently available for pre-order on iTunes here. In the quote below, Joell explains the importance of the project for his career and the recording process he went through with ILL Mind and The Heatmakerz to put the album together.

The title "House Slippers" is symbolic to the level of comfort I was at when recording this album. I was all me, all the time, during the recording process. I treated the studio like my home, and this album like a conversation in my living room. This album means the world to me. I saw the vision for this album through sober eyes. It's a clear cut, honest album with that Joell Ortiz edge. Been a while since my last solo release. I had so much to talk about. Feels GREAT to get it off my chest!!!!
For 1st time listeners, this album will take them on a journey. You'll know my personality instantaneously, understand my struggles, and celebrate the triumph of a project boy. Oh, and the bars, they're on there if you appreciate lyrics.
Every now and again, there's a record that stands out to me on my album. I usually love every record equally, but once in a blue, there's a standout performance in my eyes. "Say Yes" is one of those in my opinion. I'm basically talking to God about everything going on in my mind, body, and spirit. The beat is big, the flow is tough, and the message is pure. It's therapeutic on the listen back.
The chemistry between the HeatMakerz, ILL Mind, and myself was incredible while working on this album!!! Super organic. I met up with ILL in a studio 5 floors below the HeatMakerz studio to record the song "House Slippers", which ended up being the title track to my album. Rsonist and Wayne, (The HeatMakerz), got wind that I was downstairs and came down to meet me and invite me upstairs to hear music. Me and ILL both went up there after our session and i ended up recording the ENTIRE ALBUM there. Just good vibes, good people, and good music everywhere. It felt like a home in 20 minutes. I knew that was where I needed to be. It was such a fun process making this album. Music being created on the spot, organic features happening, and good times is what drove this album!! Everyone enjoy "House Slippers". Thank you