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This is what I'm talking about. It's been almost two years since Shlohmo dropped his remix of Jeremih's "Fuck You All The Time," which in turn got Jeremih and Shlohmo together in the studio, culminating in the release of their collaborative EP No More. With all of that said, I'm not sure why Shlohmo released the "Fuck You All The Time" remix video now, but I love that he took some time to give it a proper theme, and a hilarious one. I almost wish I was up at 3AM watching TV and saw a phone sex commercial that was soundtracked by this late-night bae anthem. The best part? The phone number in the video is real; go ahead, call 1-844-WED1D1T and see what happens. (Spoiler alert: you can download a new remix from Shlohmo. You're welcome.)

Don't forget to dial 1(844)-WED1D1T for a good time...™

— shlohmo (@shlohmo) September 15, 2014