Mat Zo is really becoming a master in front of our eyes. His debut album saw him touch on a number of styles outside of the initial trance sound that saw him gain in fame and notoriety. The sound a lot of people (including this android here) have been wanting to hear Zo continue expanding on is drum & bass. His old days as MRSA were a treat and his project with Kill The Noise is a start, but this new remix is what we’ve been waiting for.

Remixing I See MONSTAS’ (formerly known as MONSTA) “Circles,” Zo turns down the feely airiness of the liquid styled original and instead runs the track through an absolutely grimy rework. No there aren’t a whole lot of 8-bit melodic pieces, nor is there an extended breakdown anywhere. This one is really just a grind-and-grit-your-teeth neuro-styled drum & bass track to kick your ass into high gear. This one is not for the weak stomached. Now when is this going to drop? I want this one for this weekend’s DJ sets.