Apparently the Internets have been waiting for this particular Hucci track to touch down. One commenter says it's been a year, while RTT says it's been "a while." It's weird; I've stopped waiting for tunes like that, be them from Hucci or other producers. Part of it is there's too much out there to occupy my time, while the other part is compared to some of the other bits he's released over the past few months (including the mighty "Hitta"), I'm not really tripping off "Realm" like that. Sure, he throws some Kanye samples in there, as well as lifting the piano from Van Halen's "Right Now," it's just not really what I'm looking for when I think "Hucci." It's not bad by any stretch—he's further along than when he was first making waves in 2012. I think I just want to see something a bit more progressive and daring from yung Hucci. Maybe that's just me.