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Since he emerged on the music scene a few years back, Hit-Boy has cemented himself as one of the premier producers in the game. He's only 27 years old, but over the past five years, he's put in work with some elite names in the industry—Jay Z, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Drake, just to name a few. But Hit wasn't satisfied with just producing and has since branched out as an MC and built his own empire with the HS87 label.

As his own brand continues to build, Hit teamed up with Footaction for their "Style Means" series. In the clip, which features a brand new beat from Hit, he speaks about his musical influences, and how he has simplified both his music and fashion styles as he's gotten older. In addition, we spoke to Hit about the deal with Footaction, the growth of HS87, what they have on deck, and his growing relationship with his dad, Big Hit, whom he just started working with musically.

Over the past few months, HS87 has just continued to expand. Tell us about the creative process you guys go through when making music.
It’s weird because we don’t have a set way we make music. We always try to come together to create a community. We got some producers, keyboard players, writers, rappers, singers. We all just get together and try to make things that naturally move us. We feel like if it moves us then it will be able to move the people. That's my method instead of having a set way I do things. I kind of get into the groove and whatever moves me at the moment, that's what it is.

Your last release featured the song "Grindin' My Whole Life." Did you expect that to take of like it did when you originally rolled it out with the video?
I mean, I really believe in that song, I feel like it will never not be relevant to me or the average human being who is trying to make something of himself or do better for himself. The reception was great, and it was the right timing for it. People need to hear a statement record to know what I'm really about. It was a great thing.

How did it feel when G-Unit jumped on it? It kind of sparked their comeback.
Yeah, that was crazy because I was in New York with my whole clique. We was out there doing promo, just riding in the van, and out of nowhere the song comes on the radio. I hear my beat then I heard 50. I was like, "Wow, this is crazy." We ended up seeing him at his office, me and Audio Push went up there to do an interview, and he showed dumb love to me and the whole clique.

Speaking of the roster, Audio Push is next up to release a project, right?
Most definitely. They just dropped five records in the last few weeks just to say thank you to the fans. They hit 400,000 followers on Twitter. They’re about to drop a single that's super crazy. They have a million great songs. I'm excited for people to continue growing with them. Their hunger isn't going anywhere. They get better by the song.

What's up next? 
I’m definitely dropping music soon, just putting it all together, man. BMACTHEQUEEN’s project, Kent Money’s project "Crowned" executive produced by me, Haze Banga, and Kent Money himself. The whole HS87—we going to continue to march forward, and put out as much quality music as we can, and try to effect the culture and these kids.

On the production side, we never really know where the next Hit-Boy beat is going to come from because you're so versatile. It could be Beyoncé or any number of artists. Where can we expect the next big placement to be?
That’s a good question. I’ve been working with Casey Veggies a lot, I’ve been working with Joey Bada$$. I got a crazy joint with him and Chronixx on his album. Rockie Fresh. Besides that I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff going on. We the Plug, HS87, that's the main goal and focus from production to artistry. That’s what I’m putting everything into.

Is there another HS87 project coming?
Not right now. We’re just all about to put our own stuff out and keep moving. The whole goal is to end up touring and performing these songs. Doing "Made in America" this year was the illest. You really got to see kids react to the songs we put on We the Plug. That’s what we’re doing it for. We just want to get out there and feel that feeling more.

When is the world going to get music from Big Hit?
We got some joints. We figuring it out soon.

Were you surprised that everyone was feeling him when he dropped that first record?
Most definitely, man. It took so long to build that bond as father and son. Me personally, I didn't see how it would make sense for us to work together. So for older people and young kids to receive it is crazy. 

Last but not least, how did your partnership with Footaction come about?
Partnering with Footaction was a great thing. It made so much sense because I really shop there. I will actually go to the mall and get kicks. They stand for style, culture, and music, and I’m on the same thing. So it just made a whole lot of sense.

Zach Frydenlund is a news writer for Complex Music. Follow him on Twitter @ThaRealPChopz.