Like we really needed more proof that Australia was killing it jeezus. Frequent collaborator with the likes of Ekali and Sh?m, aywy (pronounced "A.Y.") has been unleashing fire right under my nose and I'm just now finally starting to sniff around. With a SoundCloud account less than a year old, dude has unleashed a furious amount records and I've collected six freebies here...all of which are from the last two months. We've got versatile things featured here like swinging hip-hop flavored house flips of R&B tracks to romantic trap to rugged Brainfeeder-type beats scene bangers. Apparently this flex is very real and I'm on board. Those 14,000 followers in 10 months alone should definitely catch your attention and having the content to back it up is just icing on the cake. Grab these ASAP and the follow is highly recommended.