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Ever since SoundCloud started enacting their plan to get properly paid by these major labels, the remix game has been kind of crazy. The Wild West days of unofficial bootlegs has been stifled, and we're not mad at the producers. It's hard to know which popular track will end up getting your SoundCloud account ganked. That said, the summer of 2014 has seen a few rap tracks getting the royal remix treatment, and Future's "Move That Dope" has been one that's been heavy in remix rotation. There's a lot going on in this track, from the lyrical slaughter of Pusha T's verse to Pharrell's surprising appearance to that infectious hook. There was a lot to play with on that track, and producers had a gang of fun with it.

Here are 15 fire takes on Future's biggest single of 2014 (so far), presented to you before SoundCloud (or some industry bigwig) pulls the plug and they all get sucked down the drain.