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Ahead of an upcoming, full-length album, Houseology's Funk Butcher has released a new track online. An infectious and hugely danceable number, "Emergency" has already been shown huge love from BBC Radio 1, as well as plays from a host of taste-making DJs like DJ Target at 1Xtra. Like so many producers and DJs around at the moment, Butcher cut his teeth on pirate radio, and that DIY attitude is something that can still be heard in his productions.

Coming from such an inclusive background where anything goes, it's no wonder the London-based tunesmith feels so free to flit between styles, pushing together sounds and styles you might not associate with each other. This club-ready cut sees Butcher adding elements of Baltimore Club and tech-house to a straightforward house track, using the rhythm section to drive the track forward while techy bleeps and whistles dance playfully over the top. All this is accented with a distorted vocal sample that reminds us with no shortage of urgency: "This is an emergency!"