Mad Decent's history with R & B-flavored club music hearkens back to the mid-2000s and Diplo's championing of Baltimore club legend Blaqstarr, he of soul/club hybrid "Rider Girl" fame. Fast forward about seven years to the present day, and club music's soulful stylings in the present day have included everything from New Jersey-based club dean DJ Sliink remixing Trey Songz to yes, Mad Decent today finally releasing Sliink's Cartel Music duo Dougie F and DJ Fire's single "Back Up On It (Jasmine)." We'd heard about this single when DJ Benzi dropped it in a mix awhile back, and got hyped when we heard it at Trillectro two weeks ago, but today it finally sees the light of day just as summer turns into fall. While not veering in the the near-comical squeaky bed-spring-leaning productions of the likes of Trippy Turtle, this one is a DJ Mustard production-feeling and oh so steamy bass thumper accompanied by a video that features a comely young woman suggestively gyrating on a bed while only sporting an official "Back Up On It" t-shirt and a "come hither" smile. If looking for a track that will take your "turn-up" to a "touch me right there," this one attempts and succeeds at being somewhat anthemic in that regard.

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