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It's hard to re-remix classics. For the forthcoming V Recordings compilation Planet VIP, which features nothing but (previously-)unreleased remixes and VIPs of tunes from V, Liquid V, Chronic, and Philly Blunt, Brazilian dnb producers DJ Andy and Mikrob took it upon themselves to update Krust's "Angles," and I'm not mad at the results. It's actually an interesting take, considering that the original's bassline is kept in-tact, but given a striking amen riddim before delving into more 2000s Krust in the bass department. It's one of those tunes that'll crush a dancefloor, but might lead some fans astray. It walks a fine line between the V of old and the V of now, but hits way more than it misses.

I've only heard the sampler, but this pack features remixes of older bits (like a VIP of Kabuki's "Just Hold On") to newer tunes (like Need For Mirrors' "Greazy"). Preview this remix, then get ready for more details on the full Planet VIP project.