Sometimes, you just need that bass-injection. With Los Angeles being a proper hub for EDM in general, and bass music specifically, it makes sense that the LA-based duo known as Ditta & Dumont would fall into our line of sight. Back in February, The Others chose Ditta & Dumont as the first Dub Police Spotlight artists, falling in love with their Right Now EP, and we got word that Play Me is sorting out a release from these two, but today we have a rock-inspired dubstep banger for entitled "Play This." It's one of those upfront 140BPM bangers, establishing a groove then twisting and manipulating it right before your eyes. With so much talk about dubstep being "dead," it's always good to have some homegrown talent out there that defies that talk. Snag this one for the low, low (read: no) cost of $free.99.