The New York City production duo Daytrip has been making serious noise in underground hip-hop. They produced Raury's "Cigarette Song" off of Indigo Child, and they've racked up nearly 2,000 followers on Souncloud. Today, Daytrip drops "The Escape (Port-au-Prince)" featuring their friends Treez Lowkey, Daye Jack and Kidepo.

The beat starts off like a war anthem, filled with tribal chants and electricity, and the three emcees come out of the gate spitting with urgency. The song goes through so much transformation, sonically and lyrically, that you'll catch yourself running it back after each verse to keep up. From rhyming about escaping reality to catching a lick, Treez Lowkey, Daye Jack and Kidepo touch on everything young people deal with. Kidepo really flexes on the last verse rhyming, "Light at the end of the tunnel, I picked up the pace/Running shit my whole life, don't know what to chase/They always tell me pray, I'll see a better day/Can't stay, gotta go, man I'm on my way."

The song's Soundcloud description describes it perfectly: "Our heroes find themselves in the depths of confusion as they battle to make sense of their journey. Will they make it out alive?"

Listen to the new track "The Escape (Port-au-Prince)," and if you're in New York City catch Daytrip and Daye Jack at the Pigeon and Planes presented "No Ceilings" show on September 25.