Now this is the kind of surprise that I like. When I first got this cut, I was already enamored: Daktyl (who we premiered material for back in March) and Howie Lee (who's worked with Dear Lola and ZAiiO) are turning up on the low, and their collaboration "Marlena" hits all the right buttons. It has a perfect R&B vocal thrown in, some booming bass, and an all-over chill vibe that I rock with. What's ill is all I had was this cut and a "like to download" link that took you to a Mediafire link containing three tracks. Come to find out, TrapDoor just up and dropped a three-track Daktyl EP, Marlena, which includes a collaboration with Ozzie, "Shake Dat." This is the kind of shit I love: proper music hunting. Then when it's all pieced together, you feel like you truly accomplished something. It really just means "you sat on your ass and clicked until you saw dope bass musics," but I'm old, and this is the kind of discovery that makes my life worth it.