I love when a groundswell of music appears out of thin air, especially when its on a hype that I'm already digging. I'm not sure where I first got tipped off to this producer named Jamie Prado, but I'm glad I'm on the cusp of it, because this music is truly invigorating. With much being written about the new breed of house music producers out there, Prado's touching down on my playlists at the perfect time. Something about that melodic house music that has no qualms flexing a '90s influence while making sure that the basslines are booming? It's right up my alley. Jamie Prado's not just piquing my interests, though: he's already producing TV theme songs, and the heads over at Perfect Driver have already snapped up some of his material for a series of releases in the coming weeks. They just dropped a four-track EP of Jamie Prado tracks for free (you can hear one of the tunes, "I Got You," in the mix below), and will be releasing an EP on October 6 (whichwill include that Matty Scoll mix of "Credit Card" you hear in this mix). We also get to hear some other bits from the Perfect Driver camp, as well as material from Fool's Gold, dirtybird, and other like-minded entities. And while I don't have much info on Prado, I'm hearing rumblings that these tunes might be brewing from a drum & bass producer who decided to let the house flag fly. Whatever the case may be, this is one mix you shouldn't miss.

Keep in touch with Jamie Prado: SoundCloud | Twitter


Purple Crush x Josh Peace – Little Bitch (Tease) – Crushed Records
Lombard Street – Hot 97 – Snazzy Traxx
Treasure Fingers & Bosco – Names – Fool’s Gold Records
Matty Scoll – Dirty People – Perfect Driver Music
Wood Holly – Roll It Around ft. Wally B – Perfect Driver Music
Jamie Prado – Credit Card (Matty Scoll Debt Collector Mix) – Perfect Driver Music
Eyes Everywhere – Poppers – Perfect Driver Music
Jamie Prado – I Got You – Perfect Driver Music
Jamie Prado – Extrasoular
Aaron Snapes – Panther – Dirtybird
James Johnston – Run 2 Me – Snazzy Traxx
Sirmo – Fat Bootie Funk – Perfect Driver Music
John Fernandez – Get You Baby – Snazzy Traxx
Perfect Driver – Coochie Beatbox ft. Dub B (Matty Scoll Throw Back Mix) – Perfect Driver Music
Collabor8 – Work This Out – Solo Music