New York's Codes is probably one of dance music's most consistently on-point tunesmiths. However, given that he excels more at making records that are deep-digging crate gems than song-styled big room mashers, he's overlooked. Thankfully, he is associated with Slow Roast Records, a label co-run (alongside Kill the Noise) by Craze, arguably a king of club-friendly DJs. Thus, when hearing "ZERO2100," his four-on-the-floor re-working of Drake's rap hit "Zero to 100," the pulsating beat feels as though it's dripping with the sweat of the roughly 200 partiers remaining in your favorite underground spot after hours at 6 AM. "Brooklyn Bounce" is what he calls his style (and DAD has been aware of it for quite some time), and it's big-beat 90s street flavor still feels fresh in the present day. With cosigns from big-room heavyweights who occasionally love to run through underground anthems like A-Trak, and his Brooklyn Bounce album forthcoming on September 30, he's poised to match his level of success with his high level of respect. Stay tuned, and keep bouncing.