I think I speak for white people everywhere when I say THANK GOD Chris Malinchak gave us another love song to obsess over for the next few months. It's what we need. It's our fuel. If we don't have a slow jam to get too turnt to, then we might as well be devoid of all things music. Anyway, if you're up on your French Express game then you know it's been a minute since Malinchak dropped an original track. All signs have pointed to the fact that some new material was in the works, but nothing had come out in months. Well, the wait was well worth it and the new track, "Happiness," is not only extremely reminiscent of his break-out hit "So Good to Me" back in 2012, but he also grabbed up-and-coming vocalist MNEK and brought him along for the ride. Just another scenario where all-star production potentially launches a talented vocalist to super stardom. Watch out, Sam Smith.