Charlotte OC is a breath of cold winter air in today's pop landscape. Hailing from a small town in Lancashire, England, she grew up in a family of girls and her mother owned a hair salon. Her thick, perfectly-shaped eyebrows and brooding energy serve as nice complements to her textured, sensual singing voice. She's doesn't speak differently than she sings, and that kind of all-encompassing presentation makes it seem like she's a seasoned performer—but in reality, the 23-year-old artist is just starting her career.

"As a kid I was obsessed with Freddie Mercury," she says, remembering when her half Malawian/half Indian mother sat her down to explain that Mercury was both dead, and not interested in her romantically. When it comes to obsessions, Edward Scissorhands, New York City, and Berlin all make the shortlist. Berlin's seemingly cold exterior and vivacious, nocturnal interior helped inspire her latest single "Strange." "I think a part of the darkness of my music comes from how I felt when I was there," she says.

In the studio, she works in tandem with Harvest Records' Tim Anderson (Solange, Sia, BANKS), collaborating on the production that shines spaciously throughout the four tracks on her recently-released Strange EP. 

Today, we're premiering a remix to the EP's title track from UK producer I Am A Camera. Check it out below, and expect to hear much more from Charlotte in the coming year.

And if you missed it, here's her "Strange" video, as well: