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Charlie Sloth and BBC Radio 1Xtra have put together a blinding ("BLIND!") UK rap-meets-grime cypher for their ever-popular Fire In The Booth franchise, and it's one that will no doubt be discussed on and offline for days, weeks, months to come. Ghetts, P Money (yes, they were in the same room together, at the same time, going back-to-back), Mic Righteous, Stormzy, Akala, No Lay, Blizzard, Squeeks, Deadly, Saf One and Potter Payper have all been consistent with their releases and general music activity this yearwhich is probably why Sloth chose them all in the first place, and why some of you lazy spitters are at home mad on Twitter that you didn't get a spot. (There's always next year, guys). 

Got 45 minutes spare? Good. Watch the soon-to-be classic bars relay, after the jump.