While some might argue that we're reaching critical mass with the number of alt-soul singers emerging, there's still a wealth of exciting artists exploring electronic textures. Brighton's Celeste, for example, she applies her own unparalleled vocal control to the template. Where some vocalists may get carried away with themselves, this 19-year-old keeps everything in check, allowing her breathy vocals to convey the powerful emotions at hand.

Backed up by some appropriately considered production, Celeste's latest offering "What's Your Poison" calls to mind a restrained Belleruche or Submotion Orchestra. The production itselfco-handled by enigmatic producer, Tev'nis fragile and precise, building a delicate framework on which to rest her vocals.

"What's Your Poison" is taken from Celeste's upcoming debut EP and follows "Born Again", the debut track from the release. Though the latter was enormously received, this one could very well eclipse its predecessor with its combination of arresting production, chilling vocals, and harrowing subject matter.