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Let's be honest here. Underground-to-mainstream EDM would suck if it weren't for Bird Peterson's 2010-birthed "Drankenstein" mix series. In an era long before Steve Aoki and Flosstradamus would actually work alongside Waka Flocka Flame, it was Flocka's Brick Squad godfather Gucci Mane who on the back on a seemingly never-ending plethora of mixtapes–and especially his 2009 anthem "Wasted"–ended up in every rap-loving underground DJs party set. As the DJ/producers ascended, crunk trap rap ascended, too, and when Flosstradamus remixed Major Lazer's "Original Don" and threw in that all-to-familiar to underground-to-pop Trap-A-Holics drop, the floodgates opened. However, for as tight as you may think your trap remix is, Bird Peterson's "Drankenstein" series does it one better.

In the past twelve months, Mad Decent's dropped a lot of trap, and while that random white dude indeed be everywhere, with the release of Drankenstein: Infinity via Mad Decent Premium, it proves that "random white dude" Diplo and Mad Decent absolutely know how to go home again. Are you not trying to pay $10 a month to gain access to ten mixtapes providing 100 tracks of trap, trap-trance, trap-electro, trap-techno and basically a lot of legendary (and remixed) Southern rap music to drink Red Bull-laced purple drank to? Well, Bird's made a two-plus hour mix of the whole series. If seriously asking the question "damn son, where'd you find this" to your favorite indie EDM selector turned superstar living an "eight figure lifestyle," well, look here. Though not as globally renowned as so many other names with whom he shared the spotlight when "Drankenstein" hit the digital streets five years ago, Peterson is the Jedi master of trap-as-EDM thus making this mix so incredibly cool and an absolute must listen.