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Baauer and Boys Noize's run-X tour was set to be one of the most anticipated tours of the year. Set to start on October 2, Baauer and Boys Noize (alongside Lido, Spank Rock, and Nadus) were going to bring proper bass music to the masses, but that'll be no more. In a statement posted on his Facebook page last night, Baauer says there's "a bunch of reasons" why they had to cancel, but mentions that he and Boys Noize need to finish their projects (albums?). Full refunds are being given to those who have purchased tickets, and while many are speculating on the reasons, all we know is that one of the truly awesome ideas has been quashed. We can only hope this means that their respective projects end up being super fire. And hell, at least we got a fire collaboration. Check out Baauer's full statement below: