*pounds palm to fist*

*cracks knuckles*

Sometimes music is painful. And sometimes that’s a good thing, like the sonic monstrosity of Yeezus, or the seasickening tumult of a Flatbush Zombies crowd. Sometimes music literally elbows you in the ribs, and it's wonderful. Sometimes, though, music fails you in the worst way, yielding neither pleasure nor even delightful irony. Sometimes music just sucks. 

There's nothing impressive about a bad musician making bad music, or even a decent musician releasing an awful track or two. When a consistently dope artist drops a dud, however, that's a red blot on a permanent record, a smudge of the legacy. We're talking legendary Ls. The sort of music that's so bad, you have to apologize to your mentor and idol for making it, or laugh it off, or just pretend it never happened.

We're feeling petty today, so here's our list of 15 awful songs by otherwise amazing artists.