OutKast wraps up their reunion tour this weekend with the three-day ATLast festival, and it seems that just about everyone in the city is excited. So excited that a local cyclist group wrote out the duo's name using a GPS phone app that traced their movement around the city. As you can see in Big Boi's tweet of the image below, they seemed to kind of fall apart towards the end, but hey, it's still incredible that they were able to make it look that good. The bike company explained the reasoning behind the tribute below:

In honor of Outkast's ATLast show in Atlanta, We at The Spindle brought together 40 local cyclists on June 6, 2014, for a one-of-a-kind ride. Using a phone app that traced their route onto a map, we wrote the name of the ATLiens using our bikes and the streets of Atlanta. This was our ‘Ride Bikes Get Weird' Ride we did in July! Was a blast confusing so many cyclists but the surprises on their faces was worth it once they found out what transpired!!