If unaware of The Chainsmokers' manager Adam Alpert, you probably need to start paying attention to him (start by reading our exclusive interview with him), as with the latest deal he's struck with Sony Music, his Disruptor Records imprint intends to merge millennial music tastes and penchant for social engagement with what is in theory a solution for a radically redefining recording industry.

The Disruptor Records/Sony Music arrangement is called a "strategic artist development deal" with Sony distributing releases from Disruptor talent across its chain of subsidiary labels, including Columbia, Epic, RCA, and Ultra. Disruptor's goal is to institute streamlining of management and label capabilities to create new strategies regarding long term artist development, "genuine, non-commercialized promotion," and "direct artist-fan communication/relationships to build artist careers." Regarding hopes for success, Alpert's new boss and Sony Music CEO Doug Morris stated, “[Adam Alpert] is an exciting young entrepreneur with a strong vision for creating success through fresh approaches to artist development – that includes building fan bases in nightclubs, online and through direct connections with fans. We are delighted to welcome him to the Sony Music family.”

Echoing those statements, and also showcasing how his savvy development of his act (and non-Disruptor talents The Chainsmokers) likely led to this deal occurring, Alpert stated the following to Do Androids Dance:

"Disruptor will be rooted in dance music and pop but surely working with all genres. The lines between genres have already bled, [and] we believe millennials are fans of multiple if not all genres. For example, The Chainsmokers and I are already working with musicians of hip-hop, rock, country, indie and funk on their upcoming singles. Social media is the direct line of communication between artist and fan today. There will be new exciting modes in the future but today this is the most common. I believe that despite the different new methods, the backbone for success is the music itself. You most simply need to make great music that touches the soul of people and it will rise to the top. That said, there is a lot of great music out there and you have to connect with your fans. Nothing makes a fan happier than a personal connection with the artist, answering fan mail, a tweet, commenting on an Instagram, thanking them for their support, making an effort to meet them are all things we believe in. If it weren’t for our fans we wouldn’t be here so giving back to them is as important as anything we do."

In lighter news, when asked about "hot" rapper of the moment Bobby Shmurda appearing with The Chainsmokers at Electric Zoo? It was merely a moment of engagement between two Sony Music label bosses–Alpert and Epic Records head LA Reid:

"The Chainsmokers are always looking to push the envelope and shock and surprise so when they had the idea to get Bobby Shmurda to Electric Zoo, I reached out to LA Reid the big boss at Epic and said 'I have a crazy idea. Let’s shock everyone and put Bobby on main stage with Chainsmokers at Ezoo' and he said 'I love it' and that was it. A perfect example of genre blending."