Eighteen years is a long time to hold out hope for anything, but don’t tell that to diehard 2Pac fans. Since his tragic death 18 years ago today on September 13, 1996 (yes, he died on the anniversary of Biggie's Ready To Die), friends, fans, spectators and even those involved in the case have challenged whether Tupac Amaru Shakur actually died after being gunned down seven days prior. Is the iconic rapper now ashes on a North Carolina farm? Or is he cooling in Cuba rocking cornrows and tossing back double cups of Thug’s Passion? Most conspiracy theorist and go-hard Makaveli fans will say it’s something closer to the latter.

Over the years, there has been some "evidence" brought forth that might convince you Pac is still alive and thugging at 43. Adding to speculation are the times he’s been “spotted” by wishful fans. It seems like every few years “Tupac” is photographed out in public or seen lurking in the shadows of some music video. Because, you know, the best way to hide something is out in the open. No matter how hilariously off some of these sightings are, they still add fuel to the fire of Pac being back. Even though we're all sure he’s dead...right?

Let “Pac is alive” enthusiasts tell it, here’s 10 times the legendary rapper has been spotted just bicking back being bool since his death nearly two decades ago. 2Pac back!  

Written by C. Vernon Coleman II