The worlds of electronic music and video games have had an awesome history. While we've seen hundreds of tracks licensed as in-game music for the Grand Theft Auto series, it doesn't stop there. Remember when Wipeout XL had music from The Chemical Brothers, Photek, and Underworld on its soundtrack? That was 1996. There are a number of games that continue to look towards the booming beats of numerous dance music genres to properly soundtrack their fast-paced games.

On the flipside, we've seen a number of producers who draw influence from video games in a number of ways, expressing their love for the quirky bleeps and melodies of these video games and incorporating it into their art. From the chiptune scene to the producers who are making tunes that straight-up sound like bonus level music from Super Mario World, we're seeing more of that gaming influence being thrown into the electronic music scene. Here is a collection of producers who are making tracks that would fit perfectly as the soundtrack to the platformer of your choice.