Back in June everyone on rap Twitter was up in arms over this mysterious rapper named Your Old Droog because many people suspected he was actually Nas in disguise. Of course, we knew better because Complex contributor Dharmic X actually knew Droog personally and had spoken to him before. But even though Dharmic wrote about knowing Droog, the rumor persisted. Well, there's finally definitive proof that Your Old Droog is the real deal because there's a video of him rapping which you can watch above. The best part about the video is the description on YouTube where Droog writes, "Buy my shit when it drops." Good advice. 

To top it off, Droog even got a short piece written on him in the The New Yorker—a nice look for any rapper. 

But if you're still not convinced Droog isn't Nas, you can catch his first major live performance at The Studio at Webster Hall in NYC on September 3.