Trinidad Jame$ says that he has been dropped from Def Jam Records. He's now apparently releasing his debut album for free. And of course, he announced all of this via his Twitter. Jame$ was signed by Def Jam in 2012, shortly after his video for "All Gold Everything" went viral. He dropped a mixtape called 10pc. Mild last year, and several free singles after that, but none of these releases came close to matching the success of "All Gold Everything." Perhaps fitting, one of his most recent songs was titled "Rap Game Ju$t Too Funny."

There was also the antics. During a concert in NYC, Jame$ said that New York rap had fallen off and that the South "run y'all musically." The polarizing statement caused Maino to confront him over the phone and Papoose to call him a "Jive Ass Turkey." And of course, there was that Tim Westwood freestyle.